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 Rules in an Elite 4 battle against me.

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I-B Loomin
I-B Loomin

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PostSubject: Rules in an Elite 4 battle against me.   Thu May 22, 2014 5:36 pm

Yoooooo, I-B Loomin here, the first member of the e4 that you will face.  Youngest member of the site right here, but that shouldn't matter too much in our battle Wink.  Give this battle all u got. So anyway, here are some rules for us to have a fair battle:

NO Ubers.  This is Standard OU play, which means almost all pokemon are accepted, besides Ubers.  If you want to know which pokemon are uber, Google "Pokemon tiers", and click on any of the links.

No Uber items (i.e., lucarionite, kangaskhanite, etc.)

No banned moves (i.e., swagger, minimize, double team, etc)

Next rule is that you can battle me in any type of battle you wish.  Challenger's can choose 1 of these 4 formats.  Single battle, double battle, triple battle, or rotation battle.

Normal battle style.

Sleep clause.  No more than one Pokemon may be asleep at a time.

Overall, standard OU rules in our battle.

Good luck, have fun.
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Rules in an Elite 4 battle against me.
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