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 My Rules for requests.

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My Rules for requests. Empty
PostSubject: My Rules for requests.   My Rules for requests. EmptySun Aug 31, 2014 4:38 pm

1. I have Powersaves and Pokegen, so feel free to ask for items, gender swaps, shinyfying, Pokeball changes etc...

2. Be aware no pokemon from 6th gen can be made besides Sylveon. For Pokegen Pokemon: Only 1 egg move and also make sure to check past generation move tutor moves, I may notice the mistake and change it accordingly but some moves may be incompatible with others.

3. Some event pokemon you ask for if you ask for them, may not be tradable once poke transfered. Example: Quiet nature Oblivia Eruption Heatran, Extreme Speed Entei,Suicune and Raikou. Unfortunately that is the only one I know that cannot be traded so far, so for the most part its trial and error sorry in advance.

4. Please be patient with me I'm doing this for you for free after all, I know sometimes it takes a while(Usually its because I fuck up and are trying hard to fix it so you get it, sometimes im legitimately being lazy.) but please please please be patient, thats all im asking.

5. Make sure when you post something you put down as many details as possible, like iv's ev's moves, nickname, shiny or non shiny etc...

6. Happy Posting!
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My Rules for requests.
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