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Hello! We are looking for challengers for the New Pokemon Provoco League.
What is this? This is a functional fanmade pokemon league that accepts challengers and grants titles.
What is the point of this pokemon league if your already in one? The point for this league is to create a fun and encouraging expirience for trainers and their pokemon.
Where do i sign up? The league mainly communicates through the kik app. If you are looking to battle then kik #ChallengeProvoco to request a challenge. If you do not have kik and if you are unable to download it then post a comment on the thread saying "#ChallengeProvoco" along with your 3ds friend code.
What pokemon am i allowed to use? Ubers? NU? In the Provoco league you may use whatever pokemon you like (except for hacked pokemon Ex: Magikarp with the Parental Bond Ability) Shinys and EV/IV trained pokemon are welcome to battle as well.
Are there any items that are banned? Nope. All items can be used.
I hope i have answered some basic questions that might come to mind. If you have any questions that i did not cover, then please feel free to ask them and i will reply to them ASAP.
Also we have 2 open spots for the league so that you could become a gymleader or the champ though you must have kik to become part of the league. If your interested in joining then text #ProvocoLeague on kik to fill in a spot!
Thank you for reading this thread and the Provoco League Awaits you!
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Official Pokemon Provoco League
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